Percé – Gannets


On the edge of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, within the tempestuous embrace of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a small sanctuary, Bonaventure Island. The island, barren and rocky, emerges like a forgotten jewel from the restless sea. It is a place where nature reigns with an immutable power, where the relentless crash of waves and the wild cries of seabirds form an eternal chorus.

In this world of wind and salt, amidst the rugged cliffs that resist the ravages of time, one can witness a spectacle of grandeur and despair. This is the realm of the Gannets, those ethereal creatures with pure white plumage that soar through the heavens and dive into the abyss, a dance between life and death that echoes the existential struggle of all beings.

Each spring, these Gannets return to Bonaventure Island, driven by an ancient instinct to breed and perpetuate their existence. They arrive in a flurry of feathers, their cries filling the air as they reunite with their lifelong mates. In this realm of monogamy, they establish a bond that surpasses the fickle affairs of human hearts, a bond unburdened by the illusions of romanticism.

The Gannets’ existence is a continuous quest for sustenance. They plunge into the tumultuous waters, their bodies transforming into arrows, piercing the surface with an effortless grace. They emerge triumphant, their beaks filled with fish, their hunger momentarily appeased. Yet, it is in this struggle for survival that the true essence of their existence is revealed.

For the Gannets of Bonaventure Island, life is defined by the relentless pursuit of survival in the face of an indifferent universe. Their existence teeters on the precipice of uncertainty, where death lurks beneath every wave. Yet, they embrace this reality with a stoicism that borders on the divine. They do not lament the precariousness of their existence; they do not yearn for a different fate. They simply are, existing in harmony with the relentless forces that shape their world.

To witness the Gannets of Bonaventure Island is to question humanity’s quest for meaning in life. Their lives are not tainted by the complexities of consciousness, the burdens of morality, or the illusions of purpose. They do not question their existence or seek solace in the realm of meaning. Instead, they embody a simplicity that humbles the human spirit.

In the twilight hours, when the sun paints the horizon with hues of gold and crimson, the Gannets return to their nests, their wings folding like tired sails. They settle, side by side, in a silent communion. It is in these moments that the true beauty of their existence is revealed. They find solace not in the grandiose achievements of civilization but in the intimate bonds they forge with one another.

As night falls and the island is cloaked in darkness, the cries of the Gannets fade into a hushed lullaby. They rest, their weary bodies preparing for the trials that await them the next day. And as the first light of dawn breaks upon the horizon, they take flight once more, their wings carrying them to the endless expanse of the sea.

The Gannets of Bonaventure Island are a reminder, a testament to the resilience and nobility of life in its purest form. In their existence, we find solace and inspiration, a glimpse into a world unburdened by the complexities of human existence. They invite us to shed our illusions, and to find meaning in the simple act of being. For in the dance of the Gannets, we may discover the essence of our own humanity.


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