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To compare the American judicial system to that of Nazi Germany reflects a complete failure to understand what that state was like. There was no:

  • grand jury to scrutinize the evidence
  • no target letter
  • no indictment
  • no handing over of evidence
  • no jury trial

People simply disappeared. I have many fragmented stories about the conditions in 1930s Germany, but it was my first cousin, once removed, recording in her 1981 memoirs, her childhood memories during the war in Sonneberg:

… die des furchtbare Schicksal ereilt hätte, wurde ich bis 1945 nie mit diesem Wahnsinn konfrontiert. Ein einziges Mal geschah es, daß eine Schulkameradin morgens plötzlich nicht mehr zum Unterricht erschiene. Die Lehrerin erklärte uns, daß sie verzogen sei. Wir wanderten uns zwar, daß sie so ohne Abschied gegangen war, aber erst sehr viel später kam mir der Gedanke, daß sie zu den Unglücklichen gehört haben könnte, die in die Konzentrationslager wanderten.

…until 1945, I had never been confronted with this madness that would have befallen those with a terrible fate. Only once did it happen that a classmate suddenly did not show up for school in the morning. The teacher explained to us that she had moved away. Although we were puzzled by her leaving without saying goodbye, it wasn’t until much later that the thought occurred to me that she may have been one of the unfortunate ones who were taken into the concentration camps

The outrage just never ends. But for one with no boundaries, nothing is outrageous.


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