Reflections on a Sunflower Field

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2023-08 Sunflowers, Agriculture, Canola, Content, Field, Flower, Nature, Other, Plant, Projects, Sunflower

Standing in a field of sunflowers, meticulously organized in straight lines, their radiant faces all turned one way, I found it impossible not to be struck with awe. The fields I wandered were clearly cultivated by human hands, but intriguingly, the flowers themselves chose an orientation. They all faced east, but why east? Their agreement on that direction provoked the thought that there was some organizing agent furthered with communications, perhaps even a shared understanding among them that east was the direction they should face, and given the symbolism tied to that direction, may be some spirituality.

Gazing across the field, I realised these were not merely individual plants; they formed a community in the thousands, each individual strengthened from being part of a collective. Far from sensing any menace from this vast congregation, I was instead filled with a feeling of optimism and joy. Their alignment with the sun was a connection to light, which for humanity symbolizes wisdom, and the relentless quest for growth. Objectives I could appreciate.


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