Soldiers in a Line

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2023-08 Sunflowers, Agriculture, Content, Field, Flower, Nature, Other, Plant, Projects, Sunflower

In a landscape resplendent with the nature’s illumination, far distant from the ceaseless noise of urban existence, the earth’s ancient wisdom offers a gentle murmur to the listening ear. Here, a regiment of sunflowers stands, each one a golden sentinel in a quiet war of existence, their visages turning, fixed and unwavering, to greet the sun’s embrace.

These sunflowers, a vivid tableau of life’s splendour in the midst of disorder, serve as a living metaphor for humanity’s ceaseless striving towards the light. Each blossom, a garb of unity; each seed, a token of continuity.

The connection between sunflower and sun, this unending dance, resonates with humanity’s enduring search for spiritual light – a journey, not in opposition to flesh and blood, but towards wisdom, towards enlightenment, towards the core of existence itself.

Might these sunflowers be perceived as seekers, pilgrims on the infinite path of life? They mirror our struggle to transcend the mundane, to reach out for a more sublime existence. Or do they, in their strict alignment with the sun, echo the soldier’s submission to a higher command? In their orderly ranks, they may be seen as embodying the tension between obedience and autonomy, the collective and the individual, the natural and the contrived.

In silence, they sing of togetherness; in their path, they narrate the timeless desire to gravitate towards something beyond the ephemeral. The meadow is transformed into a theatre, the sunflowers into performers, and the unseen antagonist is all that endeavours to smother what is organic, what is innate, what is truthful.


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