Tyranny of the Crowd

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2023-08 Sunflowers, Clouds, Content, Dark, Flower, Nature, Photography, Plant, Projects, Sky, Sunflower

In the rolling fields of green and golden yellow, where sunflowers stretch their heads to the sky, it’s hard not to see a face on each one, gazing with a silent, expectant expression, following the sun’s path through the day. When you stand at the edge of a field, these faces merge into a crowd, each one indistinguishable from the other, a collective looking vacantly in unison upward.

But amongst the sea of conformity, there’s often one that stands taller, reaching just a bit higher towards the heavens. It becomes an individual; an individual standing out in contrast to the crowd. In its quest to stretch higher, it seems to embrace a uniqueness, a distinct identity that defies the norms of its society. This singular flower in the vast garden of uniformity speaks to something deeper. It whispers of the courage to be different, the challenge of standing out, and the power of one in a world where many often lose themselves.

In these blooming creatures, we are confronted with a mirror of humanity itself. The forces that bind us to conform to the demands of the crowd, of community, of society, our collective humanity, conflicting with those of the individual. The struggle between collectivism and individualism, between the forces that seek to shape us and the innate longing for authenticity.


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