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In the cold clarity of this photograph, we are confronted with the sight of the Science Centre Station, one of 25 on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT1, so named after the local attraction. It is encircled by barriers. It is no longer simply a station, but an symbol of failure2 and controversy3. The fence expresses both unending construction4 and the desire to prevent its namesake from being moved to the Lakeshore5.

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This Station is a monument to setbacks and debates that have stirred public ire. No one with responsibility will accept the continual reminder that this name evokes. What new name shall this station go by? What lack of imagination will this renaming evoke.


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  3. In April, Ford announced his plan to move the Ontario Science Centre and combine it with his government’s controversial plan to revamp Ontario Place. The province plans to demolish the centre in Don Mills and building housing in its place. Construction on the new centre is set to begin in 2025 with its opening expected in 2028. The current science centre will remain open in the interim [Jeffords] ↩︎
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