Large Format – First Shot


I waited for a day where the temperature was above freezing before I went over to a local park. It’s much easier to set things up without having to wear gloves, etc.

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The image is a combination of 4 shots, organized in a 2×2 matrix, cut into a 4×5 crop. The dimensions are 13216×16520 pixels at 2.45 GB

There were a few learnings from this experience:

  • Make sure the back is firmly connected to camera box, as it is important to properly and exactly shift the digital back horizontally and vertically.
  • a 2×2 shot pattern (i.e., 2 shots vertically and horizontally), with the camera mounted in a portrait position on the back, is approximately a 4×5 crop.
  • The availability of both horizontal and vertical shifts means there are no distortions that need to be resolved in post production. This, of course, is to be expected with such lenses and camera mechanisms, but nevertheless it was satisfying to see it in practice.
  • Using the digital camera’s light metering and shutter is far more convenient than undertaking a more manual process that would accompany use of the large format camera’s lens.
  • To combine the use the lens of the large format camera, and the metering of the digital back, one must keep the shutter of the large format camera’s lens open. Then use the LCD panel on the digital back for framing, rather than the eyepiece, and of course its information display to confirm proper exposure. Focusing is done with the large format camera, and zooming in on the digital camera’s LCD.


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