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Christmas Card

I’ve created my Christmas cards for 2023, and started printing them. I’ll need to send those destined overseas in the next few days.

Christmas Trees

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Sitting in the dentist’s chair the other day, through the chatter, grinds and squeals of the various devices being employed, I could hear Bing Crosby singing Jingle Bells. Maybe with the Andrews Sisters. Leaving the office, walking through the mall,…

Christmas Lights

Photography, Sepia Tones

I turned on the outdoor Christmas lights for the first time last night. It’s early this year, but I’m not the first on the block to do so. I think the point is to bring some much needed joy into…

Wintry Mix

Aside from monitoring the house, and ensuring an uninterrupted flow of electricity to the fence, our home security system reports the weather. Today, it tells me we have entered the period of the “wintry mix”. This revelation made me wonder…


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When looking at urban plans that describe a development of 20 – 30 towers, ranging from 25 to 80 stories it can be difficult to imagine what that actually looks like.