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  • Three Stories of Toronto

    Three Stories of Toronto

    When you scratch below the surface of the tall buildings that immediately catch the attention, cities, through their architecture, reflect culture, heritage and social priorities. Walking through a city one witnesses the change, virtues and…

  • Waste


    Waste cans dot the city, in parks, near bus stops, by building entrances. Throwing litter on the street seems like a form of entitlement, a snub announcing I am in a position to do this.

  • Urban and Nature

    Urban and Nature

    Toronto has a vast system of valleys that traverse the urban landscape, and between these channels of green are parkettes finding their places in urban niches. Framed within the skyscrapers they provide an oasis of…

  • Change


    My first visit to Toronto was Christmas, 1954. I don’t remember much from that trip. I remember, however, visiting in the early 1960s. At that time, the tallest building was the Royal York Hotel. Now,…