A Study of Class Pictures

As a result of a conversation I had last week on reaching 50, and how that event might be a point for reflection, over the last few days I have posted a series of my school photographs. The photographs are from my time at St. George’s School in Vancouver.

Looking through my collection, I came across similar photos for my grandfather, father, mother, uncle and son. I have pulled them together below.

Fred Hertha Sr. Sonneberg, Germany, about 1912
(6th from right, back row)
Fred Hertha Jr. Toronto, Ontario, about 1938
(right-most, third row from the front)
Gertrude Hertha (nee Gruenwald) London, England, about 1937 (front row, third from right)
William Hertha I USA, about 1943 (4th from right, back row)
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William Hertha II Vancouver, BC, 1966
William Hertha III Toronto, Ontario, 1999 (standing, fourth from left)
William Hertha III Toronto, Ontario, 2002
(to the right of centre, dark blue shirt)


  1. Each photograph records an event, the success of passing through a checkpoint, and as such it gets recognition in the style of the time. In earlier years, this seems to involve a more formal setting and attire. In latter years the formality is reduced, and the emotion and jubilation of the occasion are expressed more publicly.
  2. Other than in England, all pictures were taken outside.
  3. There’s always at least one goofy-looking guy; in England there seemed to be a disproportionately high number.