Just a Few Bad Apples

It has been said frequently that the problems we see with our police forces — police brutality — are simply the actions of “just a few bad apples.” This is to suggest that the problem is not systemic, widespread, and thus easily fixed by removing just a few people. In an institution that is fair and just, this step might be sufficient. In one ripe with systemic injustices, these steps are simply a diversion, and avoids time spent on resolving those issues allowing us to move on to other, more pressing issues, such as extra-large portions of soft drinks.

In this work I took a picture daily of a bowl of apples, and thus tracked the progress of the growth of rot.

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  • Just a Few Bad Apples

    Just a Few Bad Apples

    Responding to those demonstrating against police actions, that have resulted in the death of detained individuals, supporters have conceded the measures were inappropriate, but argue that these are the deeds of just a few bad apples. View this post on Instagram Bad Apples: To my wife’s chagrin, I have taken over the living room to…

  • Bad Apples

    Bad Apples

    I am now several days into my project, Just a Few Bad Apples. To set the record straight, this image documents the starting state of the test bowl of apples.

  • Just A Few Bad Apples Project Update

    Just A Few Bad Apples Project Update

    After 3 weeks into my project Just a Few Bad Apples, I have noted a deterioration in their condition. While the skin of many of the apples has clearly shrivelled, it is important to note that one apple has begun to rot. The most significant observation, at this time, is that rotting has started from…

  • Project “Just a Few Bad Apples” Update

    Project “Just a Few Bad Apples” Update

    It has been just over 2 months since starting this project. My wife is starting to ask questions about what we should do with the apples in the living room. I guess I could wrap up the project now, I have got 2 apples that are clearly rotten … but a few is usually considered…