2017-05 Canada 150 Ryerson, Architecture, Bright, Colorful, Content, Paint Texture, Photography, Projects, Registered-Copyright(1-4303370557:2016-07-12), Texture, Wall

Oh Canada

The conceptual framework for the series is the song “Oh Canada.” Each image corresponds to a passage from the national anthem.

The images reflect ordinary subjects suggesting that while the constituents of Canada may be ordinary it is hoped that something better happens when put together. Layering is used first as an analogy to the composition of this country: its people, culture and concept, and second as a means of obscuring the image.

The aesthetic is compliant with the requirements of a celebration. The obstruction of the base image refers to the things that we hide from and prefer not to see. For example, like the national anthem, the work does not make reference to the indigenous peoples, and includes only those who came after the 15th Century “discovery” as participants in the nation.  

The colours of the images reflect the colours of the currency ($50, $10, $20, $5).

 Shown at the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, May 2017, commemorating Canada’s 150th Birthday.