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Rainbow Plate

 Rainbow Plate

For this project I created a collection of still life photographs for educator and author Janet Nezon.

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  • Celery


    The first subject of my current project was celery. A much maligned vegetable, at least by me: Long leafy green stocksOh Miserable celeryJuicy nothingness  A favourite among dieters as food that is [questionably] promoted as a “negative-calorie food”, I find that unless properly prepared the long fibres that run its length present both challenges to…

  • Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and Vegetables

    As noted earlier [1, 2] since mid-December, I have been doing some food photography. As I said to a friend “…so mundane, yet fulfilling.” Who would have known. Not every fruit or vegetable is interesting to shoot; for some it is very difficult to find and then get an interesting shot (for example celery). For…

  • Orange Blossom

    Orange Blossom

    A shot that only became apparent as I looked at the fruit.

  • Broccoli #1

    Broccoli #1

    A closeup of the broccoli flowers.

  • Broccoli #2

    Broccoli #2

    A closeup from under the broccoli flower.

  • Blueberries #1

    Blueberries #1

  • Blueberries #2

    Blueberries #2

  • Radish #1

    Radish #1

  • Radish #2

    Radish #2

  • Egg #1

    Egg #1

  • Egg #2

    Egg #2

  • Egg #3

    Egg #3

  • Egg #4

    Egg #4

  • Egg #5

    Egg #5

  • Pepper #1

    Pepper #1

  • Pepper #2

    Pepper #2

  • Pepper #3

    Pepper #3

  • Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    I’m sort of mixing themes and projects here: my food series and my “Basement Archeology” work. I unpacked the bowl, which is from my mother. The fruits are fresh and from my wife.

  • Now Showing …

    Now Showing …

    Now showing in “Galerie Chez Moi” are prints I prepared for work I am doing in collaboration with Rainbow Plate. (see the complete list of posts on this project) As is so often the case, one thing leads to another. May be that’s just another way of saying everything is connected. In any case, for…