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Trucker’s Protest

The 2022 Trucker’s Protest in Toronto, February 5

I exited the subway car at Queen’s Park station and climbed the stairs to the ground-level floor and found a seat. In the corner was a cluster of 5 security officers; an unusual sight. I sat down and unpacked my cameras and then mounted the lenses I had selected for the occasion. I had three camera bodies, and my bag strung over my shoulders. I looked the part. I got up from the seat and exited the station onto College Street.

It was empty, except for police vehicles block both the north-south and east-west routes.

I continued up Queen’s Park Crescent towards the Legislature Buildings to meet the protesters, but as I approached it was clear that there were only a few people.

However, I had arrived early and as I waited more people arrived.

Blog Entries

  • 2022 Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition

    2022 Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition

    This series of protests, the first having been held in Ottawa, and now being celebrated in several cities in Canada, arrived in Toronto over the weekend. On Saturday (February 5th), I took the subway down to the Legislature Buildings at Queen’s Park, to witness the event. Toronto apparently learnt from Ottawa’s experience and implemented tighter…

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    Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition #2

    I exited the subway car at Queen’s Park Station and climbed the stairs to the ground level. There I immediately noticed the increased police presence. Finding a seat, I sat down to unpack my camera equipment and mount my lenses. To establish my role, I slung the camera bag and three camera bodies over my…

  • Terrorist Truckers Assault the Hub of Canada’s Democracy at Queen’s Park

    Terrorist Truckers Assault the Hub of Canada’s Democracy at Queen’s Park

    Saturday, February 5th, 2022 – Toronto: Successfully breeching the Toronto Police Force’s “big fence” of police cars and event buses by disguising themselves as women, children, babies in carriages, hipsters, Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists and the infirm, burly, tattooed, yet wily, “truckers” left their vehicles behind and mounted a siege, in the shadow of the…

  • Trucker Protests – Appropriations

    Trucker Protests – Appropriations

    The single protest, beginning just a few weeks ago with cross-country convoys starting on each of the east and west coasts converging on Ottawa, has metastasized across this country to Toronto, Fredericton, Quebec City, and at various border points in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and most importantly the Detroit-Windsor border crossing.  Photographing one in Toronto and…