Study Questions

Homes and Gardens Study 

What is the idea or question?

describe the world in which the novel exists.

What is the world of your novel?

describe the world in which the novel exists.

What is the moral grey area?

describe the moral grey area of the “world”.

Who are the Characters?

What is the hero (s)?

summarize what is known about the heros.

What is the villain (s)?

summarize what is know about the villains.

Where is the location (s)?

summarize what is know about the locations.

What is the source of tension?

 : What is your sole dramatic question? (What is the main contract between you and the reader—the question you will answer by the end of the novel?  If you have multiple storylines, state a question for each one.

 : What is the time pressure on your hero? If there is no time pressure, list the forces that drive him or her.

 : What situation prevents your hero from running away from the conflict?

What is the ending of your novel?

Write paragraph here

What is the beginning?

  : Write one sentence to describe the most essential thing you should introduce to the reader in Chapter 1 in each of the following categories: The Hero; The Villain; The Conflict; The World

: If the above chapter lacks high stakes and you prefer to start with a bang, write a brief description of your story’s cli- max that you might craft into a prologue. Alternately, describe the earlier dramatic event that sets your story in motion.

What is the path of the middle?

  : Write as many short sentences as you need to describe the pathway your characters will take to reach the climax or draw a mind map or a flow chart …