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2011 Arizona

September 4th – 19th, 2011.  Arizona is the land of red rock. What we learnt it is also the land of hoodoos. Our journey started with a 2.5 day guided photography tour, followed by 12 days on our own.  

Our stay in an in-park hotel on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon provided quick and easy access to the sights of the Canyon, but not the highlight of the trip. Monument Valley was dramatic in its bareness but deep in charm. I wanted to stay two days but one day was available at the hotel. It turned out this was sufficient. Our stay in Zion was possibly the highlight. In part because (at least on my part) it was unexpected. The scenery was diverse and interesting. We included a day- trip to Bryce Canyon which was diminished by rain and cloud.

Our return took us to Sedona where we played a round of golf at Seven Canyon Golf Course, the once prize course now in decay with bankruptcy. 

Blog Entries:

  • Moenkopi Wash

    Moenkopi Wash

    The flight out of Toronto was un-eventful and we arrived in Phoenix on time.  But it was a long day, starting early and ending late in a Navajo-run restaurant in Tuba City.  I had a mutton stew, similar to San Cocho for those familiar with that Spanish dish.  The shot below was from Moenkopi Wash,…

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  • 33 Days above 110

    33 Days above 110

    I saw on the local weather report  the broadcaster claiming some sort of “weather record” of 33 days above 110F.   The first 3 days of our trip are being spent with a local photographer who is acting as our tour guide, but with a photographer’s interests in mind.  This extends to two key elements:…

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  • Sedona #1

    Sedona #1

    Our day started in Page Arizona, took a turn to Waiweap Canyon in Utah and ended in Sedona.  A bit of a world-wind tour.  Waiweap was interesting both from a photographic perspective as well as gelogically.  I’ll post pictures from that site later when I return. Today’s shot is from Sedona. The mountain is called…

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