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2012 California

February 5th – 11th, 2012.  While this was a business trip, I was able to take a few shots along the way.

Blog Entries:

  • The boarding pass

    The boarding pass

    There have been fleeting moments when I wondered why airport people wear blue-latex gloves. But I never dwelt on it. Until today. I printed my pass at home. Between the arrival at the baggage check through to arriving at my seat no fewer than nine people looked at the document. Each one taking the document…

  • Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach

    I had a chance last week to visit Pebble Beach. Unfortunately I couldn’t play because the AT&T Pro-Am was underway. Even worse, cameras were not allowed on-site, so I was limited to my iPhone.   The shot above is of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach, taken after the close of the game.  

  • Spanish Bay

    Spanish Bay

    Near Pebble Beach is Spanish Bay.  After the close of the AT&T Pro-Am we drove over for dinner at Roy’s. We arrived just as the sun was setting to see another beautiful course.

  • Spanish Bay #2

    Spanish Bay #2

    The exposure of the coastal-course to the wind is recorded in the trees, yet on this day is was still, peaceful and refreshing.

  • Spanish Bay #3

    Spanish Bay #3

    The course, the sea, the sunset. Each of these combine to tell a story of challenge, calmness and warmth. And for the golfer, nirvana.

  • Spanish Bay #4

    Spanish Bay #4

    At 6:00PM the piper blows in the moors around the course along the coast at the end of day.

  • Spanish Bay #5

    Spanish Bay #5

    There was some sadness when I came across this photograger with full gear while I had to leave mine at the hotel.  While my iPhone and post processing served well; my M9 would have better.

  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto

    Main street; a step back in time.

  • Moon over Silicon Egg

    Moon over Silicon Egg

    In downtown Palo Alto:

  • 17th at Half Moon Bay

    17th at Half Moon Bay