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2012 Georgia and Eastern US

April 6th – 14th, 2012

While our destination was Georgia, this was a trip where the journey was the destination:

Blog Entries:

  • Williamsburg


    We recently travelled down to Georgia. Along the way and on the return we made some stops.  On the way home we stopped into Williamsburg.  A nice, well-named, little town.  

  • DC: The Washington Monument #1

    DC: The Washington Monument #1

    The next stop on our return was Washington–a city of monuments, memorials and museums.  Our hotel was located just a few blocks from the Lincoln Memorial, although it was the last one we visited.  The Washington Monument was the first: This Monument is protected by a ring of flags.

  • DC: The Washington Monument #2

    DC: The Washington Monument #2

    The Washington Monument as seen from across the lake near the Lincoln Memorial.

  • DC: The Jefferson Memorial #1

    DC: The Jefferson Memorial #1

    The weather on our first day in Washington was mixed; there was sun, wind, cloud and rain.  Bad for touring, good for photography.  I caught each of these elements in this shot as we walked to the Jefferson Memorial.

  • DC: The Jefferson Memorial #2

    DC: The Jefferson Memorial #2

    Inside the Memorial one comes face to face — or more precisely face to ankle — with the rendition of the man himself.  Along the walls the words he spoke.  In all a very impressive monument, one worthy of silence and reflection.  

  • DC: The Lincoln Memorial

    DC: The Lincoln Memorial

    The last on the monument, memorial and museum tour was Lincoln. This one was a lot more crowed than the Jefferson Memorial; may be because it was a bit more accessible?

  • Ithaca: Land of Waterfalls

    Ithaca: Land of Waterfalls

    On our trip we drove some 4,000 kms.  We were able to break it up so only a couple days involved long drives.  To carry me through, while everyone else slept, I listened to podcasts.  One of the photography podcasts I listened to decried the taking of flower and waterfall pictures.  As a result I…

  • Another Waterfall

    Another Waterfall

    Anyone who lives in the Southern Ontario region knows that when friends or relatives arrive from afar one item on their checklist is a visit to Niagara Falls.  Indeed this was the case when my nephew from Berchtesgaden visited.  So part of our recent tour was a stop at the world famous falls.  Really, just…