2012 Vancouver

January 19th – 22nd, 2012. In January I went out to Vancouver to attend a workshop offered by Freeman Patterson.

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  • Vancouver Workshop

    Vancouver Workshop

    Last week I attended a lecture and follow-on workshop with Freeman Patterson.  I’ve read a couple of his books, but there is nothing quite like the in-person experience.   In the lecture he presented and discussed a number of his photographs.  As in the workshop, the discussion was about design or composition of the image.…

  • Honda SUV

    Honda SUV

    As noted in an earlier post, I recently attended a photography workshop hosted by Freeman Patterson.  For one of the exercises each student was assigned a spot in the lane from which he could not move.  We were stationed in our respective positions for one and one half hours. The purpose of such an exercise…

  • Cypress Mountain

    Cypress Mountain

    After completing of the Freeman Patterson workshop I drove up to Cypress Mountain; I was looking for snow.  I wanted a shot where the trees were encrusted with snow and ice. While it was mostly cloudy and raining in Vancouver, it was snowing up in the mountains.  I found what I was looking for in the…

  • Lighthouse Park

    Lighthouse Park

    Probably not more than 20 km away from my snow shot a top Cypress Mountain is Lighthous Park.  No snow there; just wind and rain.  Reaching the lighthouse invovled a walk of about 1 km through a stand of Douglas Firs.  

  • The Beach

    The Beach

    After visiting the lighthouse I walked down to the beach. from there I could see into Vancouver Harbour, Stanley Park and UBC.  As per the learnings from my workshop, this shot was taken with a tripod.

  • Old Tree

    Old Tree

    A little ways down from the beach was an exposed rock punctuated with an exclamation-point-tree, albeit bent and weathered by the wind.  As before, I used a tripod, however I had to hold it to keep it from blowing over. As well, I had to wipe the rain of the lens face and then shoot…

  • Burrard Inlet

    Burrard Inlet

    Looking out from Stanley Park by Third Beach into the Inlet. Across the way one might see a lighthouse!

  • Mist Over Beaver Lake

    Mist Over Beaver Lake

  • Stanley Park Tree Carving

    Stanley Park Tree Carving