2013 Midland

While Linda was travelling with friends to Montreal, I drove north to Midland and Bigwind Provincial Park and area.  This sojourn was over the weekend of September 28-29:

Blog Entries:

  • Big Rocks

    Big Rocks

    I was in Bigwind Provincial Park over the weekend.   Roads are pretty tough. 

  • Larch


    The needles of the Larch will turn bright yellow before they drop, but I arrived a bit early in the season for that event. However, I was able to catch the afternoon sun with the light on the subject while the background was in shadow.

  • Orion


    I spent Saturday night in Gravenhurst to save the 2 hour drive from home allowing an early start in the morning.  I arrived at the park before 6AM.  This time of year the sun rises just before 7. This was a blind shot in several ways but most importantly the image displayed on the camera…