2014 Europe

Our trip was between September 16th and October 4th.  We departed on the evening of September 16th and arrived the following day in Budapest.  Our tour took us from Budapest, by train, to Prague, then Salzburg, Strasbourg, Verdun, Bruges and Cologne.  On October 4th we drove to Frankfurt for our return flight.


Blog Entries:

  • Budapest


    Yesterday’s tour covered a number of areas including Heros’ Square and the Castle District. We also included a cruise along the Danube.  

  • Budapest To Prague

    Budapest To Prague

    Saturday was a travel day; Budapest to Prague. We took the train. I’m generally comfortable driving however car insurance is very expensive in former easten block countries. So until we return to the west, trains will be the mode of transportation.  Cappuccino in lounge at Keleti Train Station Budapest. 

  • Prague


    Sunday we took a walking tour of Prague. It started around 11AM and we finished around 4:30.  It was a group walk of about 20 people. It covered Prague Castle, St. Virus Catherdral, Schwarzenegger Palace, Charles Bridge, a short boat ride along the Vltava River, the old town square and a lunch. We left the…

  • Hohensaltzburg Fortress

    Hohensaltzburg Fortress

    This morning we walked from our hotel to the fortress.  While at the fortress we took a tour of site, where we were able to climb one of the towers that provided a view of the whole valley. 

  • Breakfast in Salzburg

    Breakfast in Salzburg

    A three-tier breakfast. Three tiers is not just for system architecture.  

  • Father and Son Night #2

    Father and Son Night #2

    This evening we attended a violin and piano recital at the Mirabel Palace in Salzburg.  

  • Strasbourg


    Today’s tour of Strasbourg started with a short walk to Petit France, followed by a bistro stop then a boat tour around the island. 

  • Verdun


    We visited the Ossuiare de Douaumont and then Fort Douaumont and Fort de Vaux. These two forts were part of a larger set of fortifications protecting Verdun during the first war. Both were captured by the Germans. Unlike fortresses of earlier years these were largely buried under several meters of sand and soil said to…

  • Vimy


    Near the northern end of the western front lies Vimy. The preserved Canadian and German trenches show how close the forward lines were.  The Monument, located at the top of the ridge overlooking the village, is on the battleground with the craters still visible.

  • Brugge


    A couple days ago Linda and I rented some bicycles and rode out of the old city of Brugge into the country side. The route we chose followed a canal that eventually leads to the coast of the North Sea, although we didn’t go that far. The land is very flat and excellent for riding.…

  • Köln


    Visiting the larger cities in Germany can be depressing when one thinks of what once was.  Few things remain from the years prior to the war. In Cologne the cathedral is one of the few survivors.  This statue from Neumarkt is another, although shrapnel wounds remain visible after seventy years. 

  • Frankfurt


    Waiting for departure. Then arrival. 

  • Upper Austrian Youth Orchestra

    Over the last few weeks we’ve attended a couple of recitals. Continuing in the spirit …

  • Budapest: The Great Market Hall

    Budapest: The Great Market Hall

    Budapest was our first stop in Europe, and our first stop in Budapest was the market.  It was a short two blocks from our hotel. Budapest Market Budapest Market Budapest Market

  • Liberty Statue

    Liberty Statue

    The Liberty Statue or Freedom Statue (Szabadság Szobor) is a monument on the Gellért Hill in Budapest.  It was erected by the Soviets in 1947 to commemorate the liberation of Hungary from the Nazi’s.  

  • Charles Bridge

    Charles Bridge

    We woke before light and walked the few meters from our hotel to the bridge.  During the day the bridge is packed.

  • St. Vitus Cathedral

    St. Vitus Cathedral

    On our walking tour of the city we stopped into the Cathedral. I have visited so many; they are all spectacular.  I’ll confess that they become a blur and to distinguish one from an other is a challenge.  Yet I respect the commitment; It is difficult to imagine a 600 year construction cycle and all…

  • Wenceslas Square

    Wenceslas Square

  • Charles Bridge #2

    Charles Bridge #2

    A second shot of the bridge, a little closer to dawn, where the colours are a little more visible.  

  • Hohensalzburg


    My first visit to Salzburg was over 40 years ago.  I have visited there many times since, yet it was on this trip that I visited the castle, Hohensalzburg, for the first time.  

  • Hohensalzburg


    We took a guided tour through the castle; along its inner corridors into hidden chambers and up top the turrets.

  • Hohensalzburg


    Within the castle walls is the city, with residences, businesses and churches.  

  • Hohensalzburg


    There so many different lines and angles in the castle.

  • Schloss Mirabell

    Schloss Mirabell

    While in Salzburg we visited the Schloss for a recital and a walk through the gardens.

  • Vimy


    We visited Vimy 7 years ago for the first time.  It is full of powerful emotions.

  • Vimy


    This sorrowing figure of a woman represents Canada–a young nation mourning her dead.

  • Bruges


  • Belgium Farm House on Canal

    Belgium Farm House on Canal

    On a bike tour outside of Brugge.

  • Belgium Farm House in FIeld

    Belgium Farm House in FIeld

    We continued our tour through the farm lands.

  • Belgium Cottage on Canal

    Belgium Cottage on Canal

  • North Sea

    North Sea

    Our tour eventually lead us to the edge of the sea. Yet passage was blocked.  

  • North Sea Passage

    North Sea Passage

    We followed the edge as defined by the barbed wire fence and we reached a passage to the beach and then the sea.  

  • Köln