2015 Ireland

Our visit to Ireland was split across two periods. The first was October 6-11th and the second was October 26-29th.  During the first part, we rented a car and drove from Dublin to Killarney, and then up the west coast and back to Dublin with several stops in between.  The second part of our visit was spent almost entirely in Dublin.

  1. Day 1 we drove from Dublin to Killarney where we spent the night after touring the nearby National Park.
  2. Day 2 We drove the “Ring of Kerry” and returned to Killarney
  3. Day 3 we drove to Dingle and then back to Tralee for the night
  4. Day 4 we drove first to Tarbert and took the ferry crossing and then on to the Cliffs of Mohr. From there we stopped at the Burren on our way to Kinvarra for the night.
  5. Day 5 we drove first to Newgrange to see the World Heritage Site and then to a nearby hotel for the night
  6. Day 6 we drove to Dublin for our flight out

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  • Ireland


    Our trip to Ireland came about more by accident — a result of cost optimization — than intent or strategic planning.  Our destination was Marrakech Morocco, which I have covered in previous posts, however, we could find no direct flights.  We make every effort to avoid flight transfers as these tend to be the cause…

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  • Places Our GPS Took Us #1

    Places Our GPS Took Us #1

    Our GPS has built within it some sort of algorithm it uses to determine the “best” route.  Granted, there are user options that influence the choices it makes, but regardless it does make what appear to be odd choices.  These can be frustrating, however, if taken in stride, they can result in visiting places one…

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  • Places Our GPS Took Us #2

    Places Our GPS Took Us #2

    We [with intent] took a turn off the Kerry Ring Road to visit the beach at Ross-Behy.  While the return route marked by signs was the same way we came the GPS offered another route. This route, again along a little laneway,  took use further along the coast, and the up a hill.  This offered us…

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