2015 South-eastern United States

We started our tour January 18th, 2015 and returned home February 24th 2015.  This was a driving trip; we drove 9,299kms. Broadly our tour took us to Louisiana and then along the Gulf Coast through Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and across to St. Augustine, then up the East Coast of Georgia and North Carolina and to North West Georgia and back home.  

A long trip, we had only a general plan and schedule.  Our route was guided by the checklist of sites that we wanted to see (the Red Pins on the map below), however the duration of our stay at each location was left open.    Other than New Orleans, we booked our hotels either the day before or the morning of arrival.  In this way we could stay longer if we found something interesting or leave earlier otherwise.

While there were several candidate sites for Florida we decided to leave those to another time.  


Blog Entries:

  • Hotel Art

    Hotel Art

    I wonder if they just select the frame and then take what ever picture comes with it. 

  • Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

    Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

    The cave was discovered by a young boy in the 1700’s while hunting bear, although native communities had used the caves for thousands of years beforehand. It gained commercial value during the war of 1812 as the dirt covering the floor of the cave contained high concentrations of Salt Peter, a necessary ingredient of gun…

  • Lost culture

    The side road to Mammoth Cave National Park took us through a gauntlet of attractions faux: mini golf, dinosaurs shows, antiques, and a water slide. Leeches seeking to draw the attention of those on their way the main attraction. It struck me that it is common to see a similar suite in advance of many…