2016 Algonquin

On February 7th, we drove north to Whitney just outside Algonquin Park, and stayed at a resort over night. We returned home the next day.  Both coming and going we stopped off in Algonquin Park.

Of course we started from home (#1) and drove up through Algonquin Park (2) to Whitney (3) where the resort was located.  


Blog Entries:

  • Snow #1

    Snow #1

    Our recent snowfall caused me to reflect on this year’s winter.  There has been little of it this year, at least here along the shores of Lake Ontario.  While many like myself complain about the ice, snow and cold, there needs to be some otherwise what is this time of year? So if it won’t come…

  • Snow #2

    Snow #2

    A frozen ice-covered marsh.

  • Snow #3

    Snow #3

    A bird resting on a limb in a gentle snowfall.

  • Snow #4

    Snow #4

    A frozen ice-covered lake.