2018 France (Provence)

Our trip to France was between September 19 and October 6, 2018.

We landed in Marseilles, where we stayed for 3 days in an apartment in the old town, just a couple of blocks from the old port. The next 5 days were in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, again staying in an apartment. From Saint-Rémy, we took day trips to Orange, Avignon, Arles, Gordes, Roussillon. The following 3 days were spent in an apartment near the beach in Nice, followed by 2 days in the Verdon Gorge area. The last 3 days before our return were in the Marseilles area.


Blog Entries:

  • Landscape Photography

    Landscape Photography

    The definition of a landscape typically situates it’s subject matter in a natural setting. Certainly having land embedded in the term encourages us to take that view.  Yet as we approach the details, the definition becomes malleable, like a bowl of jelly, difficult to grasp and hold onto. In part, it is because as one looks closer,…

  • Landscapes: Space and Place

    Landscapes: Space and Place

    When Europeans first saw North America, what many reported seeing was a vast, empty space. When many North Americans visit Europe for the first time, they are enthralled by the history of the place. How one interprets what they see before them is informed by their understanding of its history. None and the space is…

  • Landscapes: Remnants of Place

    Landscapes: Remnants of Place

    The remains of a former building can stir the imagination. The Roman Theatre in Orange France built in the early first century AD, could hold 10,000 spectators. The statue of a Roman emperor over looking the audience reminds us of the power of Roman. The physical mass of the building re-inforces our sense of their…

  • Franco Fontana

    Franco Fontana

    In Nice, we visited the Musée de la Photographie to see the Franco Fontana exhibition. The work shown was focused on his land and cityscapes. His method of abstraction of these subjects results in a simplification that emphasizes the lines and shapes of the subject, over details of the content itself. The method of rendering…

  • Landscapes: Monuments, Buildings, Names and Remnants

    Landscapes: Monuments, Buildings, Names and Remnants

    The material of any place we visit is a tapestry weaving together the natural and the artificial, the modern and the past. While we walk through these things in the present, they also reference the past or stimulate our own imaginations about what once was. What do they tell us? A monument directly refers to…

  • Landscape: Studium and Punctum

    Landscape: Studium and Punctum

    Most photographs will have elements within them that attract the eye. Those that stand out (studium) are often the subject of the image. In contrast, those details easily overlooked are sometimes referred to as punctum. But, to be truly considered punctum, there must be something special, poignant, about the detail.