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2019 Cayman

Our trip to the Cayman Islands, January 19th -26th, 2019

Blog Entries

  • Manufactured Dreamscapes

    Manufactured Dreamscapes

    In the book Qualitative Research in Tourism : Ontologies, Epistemologies and Methodologies, edited by Lisa Goodson, and Jenny Phillimore, author Barbara Humberstone notes that “…tourism studies are about the relationship between the visitor, the Other (host) and the locale …” (p.120). This begs the question what makes for a good relationship? Developing Humberstone’s thought further,…

  • Departure

    There are stay-cations, where the tourist stays at home. While I don’t intend to discount the value of these, they are not my immediate concern. I am interested at this time in leisure travel; one that involves a change in place. Put another way, change of place is a means to achieve differentiation. Differentiation stimulates…

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    A warm, gentle breeze drifts through the open-air lobby of the resort, carrying with it the muffled chatter of those sitting around the bar. The sedative effect is complemented by a cool, refreshing drink, proffered with a smile by staff as we check in. The drink helps cool the nerves, ease the mind of the…

  • Authenticity


    My first reflections on authenticity came many years ago visiting the Swiss Family Robertson’s Tree House at Disneyland. From a distance I was impressed by the tree; its size and structure so convenient for hosting a tree house. It wasn’t until we were in the house and I touched the tree that I discovered it…

  • Contrived Authenticity

    Contrived Authenticity

    When we visit a resort, we enter a space manufactured to be comfortable, relaxing, to fulfill a dream of some sort. It is a Manufactured Dreamscape. The dreamscape encourages us to look at it, to see and interpret what we see; to gaze. The dreamscape makes claims, if not only metaphorically, that support the marketing…