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Medium Format

The study started with the simple question “what difference does a 60mm x 60mm film size make on the quality of an image?”  During the study, the question was slightly modified to remove the term quality so as to broaden the scope: “what difference does a 60mm x 60mm film size make to an image?” 

The change was made because an early assumption became apparent.  It was assumed that a 60×60 film would provide better image quality (detail) than digital.  Initial tests did not demonstrate this expectation conclusively, however, more intangible differences related to depth of field and field of view where noted.  

I have yet to answer the question raised, although I have answered a lot of questions related to film processing itself.  These are covered off in the post Medium Format: Checkpoint

Blog Entries

  • Medium Format

    Medium Format

    There was a thought process which cascaded into a series of actions that started with an observation from looking at Tim Fitzharris’ Landscape Photographs.  He used a number of different medium format cameras, including the Mamiya 645 and Pentax 645. In both cases 645 refers to the size of the negative (sensor), which is 60…

  • Medium Format: Sensor Size Comparison

    Medium Format: Sensor Size Comparison

    The medium format size is the full picture; the full frame, 35×24, is within the red rectangle (an approximation).  I’m not so sure how useful this comparison is, but it’s the first and easiest at this point.  More to come.  

  • Medium Format: The Blad and Goose

    Medium Format: The Blad and Goose

    Based on some preliminary calls, the cost to repair the Rolleiflex was going to be high, possibly a few hundred dollars.  So I considered other options, including buying a replacement.   I have a light meter, a Gossen spot meter.  I call it the Goose.  I like it because it supports the zone system.  …

  • Medium Format: Bronica SQA

    Medium Format: Bronica SQA

    My replacement for the Rolleiflex is a Bronica SQA.  This camera is sometimes referred to as the Hasselblad of Japan.  I have not research why this is, but I expect it is related to image quality and possibly the modular design  of the camera. There are several reason I took this route which I may go into…

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Return

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Return

    Over the last few days I have been exploring and assessing medium format images. The obvious thing to do in an assessment is to compare. The reference point for me is my M9, regardless of how appropriate that is.   The first thing I checked was the level of detail.  One would expect the medium…

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Water

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Water

    The former shoreline of the Glacial Lake Iroquois the Bluffs now stand facing Lake Ontario.  This section is fronted by wall of debris; rectangular pieces of concrete once the constituents of buildings protecting its inhabitants now protecting the Bluffs.  The interfaces between land and air contrast three different textures.

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Runoff

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Runoff

    Between the protective wall and the Bluffs is a man-made lagoon that processes water runoff.  In a natural setting these would be wetlands of some form replete with weeds and water lilies and other vegetation cleaning the water enroute to its destination.

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Trails

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Trails

    Along the lakeshore in front of the Bluffs are trails with benches.  

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Entrance

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Entrance

    East of the retaining wall and east of the sailing club is an entrance to the beach. There are signs of summer activities; but for now there is none. 

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Beach

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Beach

    The beach offers a more natural setting; nature’s interface between lake and bluff.

  • Scarborough Bluffs Park: Bluffs

    Scarborough Bluffs Park: Bluffs

    In some places the Bluffs face immediately onto the Lake; in others there is a veil of trees.

  • Medium Format: Checkpoint

    Medium Format: Checkpoint

    I’ve reached a point where I’ve gained comfort with the development process.  It’s now a good point to summarise learnings accumulated so far before getting into the next phase.  

  • A Comparison of Methods

    A Comparison of Methods

    I currently work with four different types of camera: iPhone, Digital Rangefinder, Medium Format (120 film) and Large Format (4×5 film sheets).  Each one offers a different experience largely influenced by their physical nature (size, weight, etc.) and the level of automation they offer; the more capable the camera, the lower is the number of steps that…