Questions(or what is this about)

The COVID-19 pandemic prompts many questions, too many to be answered at once, in one go. This study will attempt to tease out the issues and to provide some order and rationalization among them. This outcome, will of course, be my opinion.


My intent is to develop and evolve a [growing] list of questions and for each one prepare a response. The response will be some for of artwork, most likely in some form of documentary style. My methodology will be an incremental. iterative approach:

  • Identify a question
    I think of a question as a “thread” of activity around framing it, exploring it, describing it, but not necessarily answering it. Even if not answered, I think the importance lies in elevating the issues the question might bring to light and giving us the change to think about it.
  • Develop each “thread”:
    • What is it about?
    • What is interesting about it?
    • Create / appropriate content
  • Where possible, bring different threads together
    • What are their connections?
      I do not assume that a thread is a complete story, but if two or more can be found to connect, a story may come out of that intersection.
    • Which threads are about the same thing?
      • see if they can be or should be brought together




  • During the period of the lockdown, many people have felt a loss of control of their lives. Yet we still have control over certain things.

Climate Change

  • The lockdown has resulted in the closure of many industries, and thus the shuttering of many pollution-generating machines. The question is whether this will cause a long term change in our behaviour or whether once we return to “normal” pollution will be restored as well.

COVID-19 Project:

  • COVID-19 is one of those events that is shared by people all around the world; what makes it rare is that we are all participants, not simply watchers. What is similar and different in the experiences and individuals hopes and fears.


  • When faced with a threat, people rally behind a leader with the understanding that this role is important for survival and with that they are willing to accept certain things, such as constraints on their freedoms; deference to the leader and support for their direction. Each of these are founded on trust in the leadership that they are making decisions in the best interest of society as a whole; in their judgment and balancing competing objectives. What happens when that fails?

Union to Finch:

  • Our community has been “locked down” since about March 16 2020. As of this date (May 18) is it holding?





  • TBD

Related Material

An exploration into Plato’s Cave Analogy as the core narrative.

Plato’s Cave – Annotated
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Blog Entries

  • Travelling


    The mounting burden of travel.

  • Travelling #2

    Travelling #2

    We returned home Thursday from Costa Rica; it looks like just in time as the Government is now recommending against international travel. When we landed in San Jose, no cases of COVIC-19 had been reported; by the time we departed on the 11th, that had risen to about 25. Interestingly, the flight to and from…

  • Quarantine


    We’ve been in voluntary quarantine since about 11:30AM, on Friday March 13th. In that time I’ve gone out only once each day to collect the mail from the box next door to our house and on Tuesday to put out the garbage. Saturday, if all goes according to schedule, I’ll go out to pickup some…

  • The End is Near

    The End is Near

    On our final visit to Costco, on March 13th, prior to entering our period of seclusion, we arrived before the posted opening time to find the parking lot full and the store packed. It was quite a surprise. We made our way through the crowds towards the toilet paper. As we neared, the crowds got…

  • Playground


    The shadowy fingers reaching into the playground.

  • Three Paths Forward

    Three Paths Forward

    The question raised about whether or not shelter-in-place controls can be lifted by Easter has had me think about that possibility, and specifically what the path to get there might look like.   It’s fine to raise such possibilities, if not only to have us check our assumptions, but once done, unless executable, they are…

  • The Abyss

    The Abyss

    As we lean over the precipice of despair and gaze into the abyss of armageddon, there is comfort in knowing that stability remains through the continued delivery of the basic services: water, electricity, heat, … and garbage collection.

  • Fingers


    Fingers enable us to touch, to feel the things around us; the ones we love, which spawns emotional feelings, personal connections. Touch is important in our lives and emotional well being. Fingers are also the transmitter of the disease, they capture viruses from surfaces and then release them onto other surfaces when we touch them:…

  • COVID-19


    The Government of Ontario’s modelling, published today, estimates between 3,000 and 15,000 people in the province could be killed over the next two years. An estimated 100,000 people would have died had no action been taken. On our current track, 1,600 people may die this month, however, tighter controls can reduce that number to about…

  • April 2, 2020

    April 2, 2020

  • Weapons and Battlefields

    Weapons and Battlefields

    The weapons and battlefields of the war on COVID-19.

  • Battlefield


    Once a site for rest and repose, the park bench is now the site of up to a $100,000 fine for its use.

  • Munk Debates: The world after COVID-19, Malcolm Gladwell

    Munk Debates: The world after COVID-19, Malcolm Gladwell

    In a conversation on what the world might look like after the end of the COVID crisis, Gladwell offered several insights and points of view.  In answering the question what can we learn from this [crisis], he talked  about what makes a system successful; why are some successful and others fail? Gladwell referred to research into…

  • Closed


    Last Friday marked our fourth week in quarantine. Over this period, we watched many things around us shut down. Among the first was our gym, and as a result, we shifted our exercise program to home. But as the weather improves, on those days when it is above freezing, I supplement my in-door program with…

  • False Hope

    False Hope

    We are well passed April 5th, the date that was once assumed to be when the schools would reopen; the date we assumed life would return to normal. The end in sight is behind us. Now there is no date. We are left in suspension. Hope is for the future; it cannot exist in the…

  • Apprenticeship


    I have on occasion thought about learning and in particular the co-development of the mental and motor skills necessary to complete a task. What comes to mind are the 18th – 19th century craftsmen who made figurines. A master might have started off as a youth with the trivial tasks of the process, such as…

  • Eggs


    As our period of quarantine continues, the need to fill time with something other than sleep and TV, elevates activities that I previously might have considered trivial and mundane to be profound and extraordinary. Today I look at boiling eggs. I decided I wanted to know exactly how to make hard boiled eggs to the…

  • The Blur of Days

    The Blur of Days

    As the days go by, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish among them. They simply merge together into an incoherent blur.

  • Rebalancing: Clarifying Priorities

    Rebalancing: Clarifying Priorities

    The daily political transactions executed in response to the pandemic vary widely by country, but trying to estimate where it all goes, where it takes us is another story. Richard Haass submits that these events won’t reshape history, but rather they will accelerate existing trends. While it is not clear to me what the difference…

  • Obsessions


    Both my grandmothers were preoccupied with having a clean home. This grip might have been cultural; it might have been that both were survivors of the 1918 pandemic; it might have been some combination of many things. Cleanliness has recently reestablished its importance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most publicly in the form…

  • The Novel Interview

    The Novel Interview

    Social distancing, as demanded by the novel coronavirus, has changed TV interviews from a largely in-person in-studio event to one mediated through video-conferencing technology with an interviewee often at home. As this practice developed from a novelty to the norm the nuances became more apparent: the attire of the interviewee was often more casual, the…

  • Birds

    There have been several reports that the pandemic has benefited the environment, notably air quality. While there remains background “city noise”, it seems to be at a reduced volume. I’m not sure that I can say there are more birds than in previous years, but I do hear Robins, which in recent years have become…

  • Shelter in Place

    Shelter in Place

    Our outings these days are purposeful and limited to just a few things: picking up the mail from our community mail box, conveniently located next door to our house, taking out the garbage once a week and grocery shopping every other week. Depending on the weather, we might take the dog for a walk and…

  • Grocery Shopping

    Grocery Shopping

    We try to keep it down to once every two weeks, although our son has gone out in the interlude to pick up some of the short-lived items, like fruits and vegetables. Our first grocery shopping experience during the quarantine was with Loblaws when we ordered on-line for pickup. At that time the pickup date…

  • Routine Change

    Routine Change

    I recall working for a fellow in the early 1980s. He was nearing retirement. He could have been a war veteran; he had that 1940s look; the stature and moustache. To me he looked like a general. He said he lamented so many women going to work, rather than staying home. His point of view…

  • Magic and other Strange Things

    Magic and other Strange Things

    Many things are opaque, leaving how and why they work unclear at best. Why, for example, has the US stock market recovered nearly 20% in the last month even though we remain under the cloud of a pandemic with no clear end in sight, the economy is shut down put into a coma, tens of…

  • The Third Quarter

    The Third Quarter

    In the last week or so, I feel my mood has improved. The anticipation of reaching the end of the current phase of the pandemic — the lock down — has flowered into being witness to the tangible activities of things opening up. The earlier period was marked by frustration, the understanding that the lock…

  • Sunrise on Magnolia

    Sunrise on Magnolia

    A new day brings new challenges, opportunities and joys. Excitement spawns from each of these ingredients. The magnolia is a couple weeks late blooming this year. Might it be due to the colder than usual weather? The pandemic? Better late than never.

  • Bell Peppers

    Bell Peppers

    As I confront the challenges of passing time (rumour has it that the lock down will be extended until June 2), I found in the kitchen a number of aging bell peppers. Looking at them I recalled Edward Weston’s 1930s photographs of peppers, notably pepper #30. Unlike the uniquely distorted specimens Weston was able to…

  • The Cost of the Pandemic

    The Cost of the Pandemic

    The other day I received our monthly statement for the 407 ETR (toll highway). The amount due was $0.00. To put that number into context, over the last 14 months our average monthly bill has been $108.27. A bill of $0.00 may not be surprising, but it is an indicator of broader implications. Over the…

  • Parking Lot

    Parking Lot

    In our topsy-turvy pandemic world where facts are lies and conspiracy theories rule, the best spots of the commuter parking lot nearest the platform are empty, but the worst spots are full. There the cars are packed in tight rows, hood to trunk, with no space in between. This is storage, not short term. Frozen…

  • In Search of Contrails

    In Search of Contrails

    Early in my career my work group formed a baseball team. We played weekly against other departments in our office. Our team was called Blue Sky Batters. A double-entendre; an allusion to hitting the ball high and (it was hoped) far, and the nature of our research-oriented work. Blue skies have been in the news…

  • Walls


    In order to get a building permit to proceed with some work on our house, the city asked that we protect the trees in the backyard. So we built a tree-protection fence that separated the work area from the area that is treed. It is now 9 months since erected, and our work completed last…

  • The Coronaroom

    The Coronaroom

    I have renamed our sunroom the Coronaroom. In deference to the words of the Supreme Leader, the Stable Genius, I have come to see our sunroom as a place of healing. Bathed in the golden rays of sunshine, I fend off the scourge of the evil virus.

  • COVID-19 World Map of Confirmed Cases Graphic

  • Global Deaths Due to Various Causes and COVID-19

    It’s always helpful to put thing into context.

  • Juneteenth Day

    Juneteenth Day

    An article in the Globe and Mail, Urban planning sowed racial inequality in Minneapolis. Other North American cities must heed that warning, caught my attention. While at present our attention is directed towards policing, the article made it clear this is only the tip of the problem. The article points to racially discriminatory zoning laws…

  • Connections


    The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is connections. Connections, among people, are through touch, talking, socializing, among other things. Everyone is connected to someone else, who is in turn connected to another. It is said we are no more than 6 connections away from anyone else in the world.   Connections,…

  • Just a Few Bad Apples

    Just a Few Bad Apples

    Responding to those demonstrating against police actions, that have resulted in the death of detained individuals, supporters have conceded the measures were inappropriate, but argue that these are the deeds of just a few bad apples. View this post on Instagram Bad Apples: To my wife’s chagrin, I have taken over the living room to…

  • Distribution


    The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is distribution.   Our connections are the pathways conveying friendship, love, goods and knowledge.  All these things and more are distributed across them.  Our ability to connect, and distribute, is a strength of human beings, but the pandemic makes visible the weakness too.  The virus…

  • Rebalancing


    The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is rebalancing. As it became clear that the distribution of the virus was not as democratic as everyone thought, that minorities and low-wage earners were disproportionately affected, there was a call for change. There was a call to rebalance society. But rebalance what? Is it…

  • Systemic Inequalities

    Systemic Inequalities

    The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is systemic inequality. As a need for rebalancing became recognised and specific imbalances emerged, it became apparent how deep and broad they were.  Favouritism is built into our laws, zoning, and culture, defining what is right and wrong. Social narratives evolved to articulate those aspirations:…

  • What is the Cost of Lies?

    It has been six weeks since my May 18th subway ride. At the time, I wanted to see if the trains and stations were as empty as reports had indicated, and if so, what it was like. I summarise what I saw a few days later in a note Union to Finch, where the title…

  • Leadership


    The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is leadership. To confront the inequalities and reshape our social narratives requires the will of the people to force movement, to push forward the change, and to persist over the long term. To make any change effective requires leadership to find the consensus, the balance…

  • Bad Apples

    Bad Apples

    I am now several days into my project, Just a Few Bad Apples. To set the record straight, this image documents the starting state of the test bowl of apples.

  • The COVID-19 Project

    The COVID-19 Project

    The COVID-19 pandemic is an event shared world wide. But unlike previous ones of bearing witness, this one is of shared experience. We are all participants, not simply observers. This insight is the basis of my initial hypothesis: that the pandemic offers a unique opportunity for each individual to exercise agency through social distancing; for…

  • Air traffic

    Air traffic

    since my May 24th post, I’ve noticed an increase in air traffic, but by no means up to the pre-pandemic level.

  • Just A Few Bad Apples Project Update

    Just A Few Bad Apples Project Update

    After 3 weeks into my project Just a Few Bad Apples, I have noted a deterioration in their condition. While the skin of many of the apples has clearly shrivelled, it is important to note that one apple has begun to rot. The most significant observation, at this time, is that rotting has started from…

  • Kayfabe

    As young teenagers, my brother and I watched a lot of professional wresting. I still remember the wrestler Mad Dog Vachon. Wrestling brought kayfabe into my life. TV scaled the delivery of wrestling bringing it into the lives of millions of people. In professional wrestling, kayfabe (pronounced KAY-fayb; IPA: Template:IPA) refers to the portrayal of events within the industry as real,…

  • I caught COVID-19 From a Toilet Seat

    Louie Gohmert’s comment about catching COVID-19 as a result of wearing a mask has received some attention. “I can’t help but wonder if by keeping a mask on and keeping it in place, if I might have put some… of the virus on the mask and breathed it in… Louie Gohmert, East Texas Congressman Public…

  • Project “Just a Few Bad Apples” Update

    Project “Just a Few Bad Apples” Update

    It has been just over 2 months since starting this project. My wife is starting to ask questions about what we should do with the apples in the living room. I guess I could wrap up the project now, I have got 2 apples that are clearly rotten … but a few is usually considered…

  • The American Carnage

    The American Carnage

    The US Administration states often had they not taken action there would be 2 million deaths as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic. In making this assertion they are suggesting that the current death toll of 219,680 is far better outcome. But the pandemic is not over. The 2 million figure is an estimated total…

  • Technology Adoption During the Pandemic

    Technology Adoption During the Pandemic

    My family seems to have been fairly accepting of and adopting new technologies. Both my wife and I followed technology-related careers. Our children seem fairly comfortable with these things. My father was an engineer and the two generations before him, as the industrial revolution took hold, became involved in the toy business (which in my…

  • Backyard and COVID

    Backyard and COVID

    While most of the landmass of Ontario has been released from the tighter lockdown restrictions, Toronto, Peel and York Region have not. We are lucky to have a backyard.

  • March 12, 2020

    March 12, 2020

    At 5:30AM on March 12, last year, we landed at Pearson (YYZ) and disembarked Air Canada flight 1807 from San José, Costa Rica. The following day, Friday March 13th, we went to Costco, stocked up on food, and entered into voluntary quarantine. Over the last year, that initial quarantine has been relaxed slightly to a…

  • Getting the vaccine

    Getting the vaccine

    54 weeks in. Linda and I have received our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Last week Linda, yesterday for me. Many parts of Canada, including ours, have decided to play the statistical game and are postponing the second shot by 4 months, rather than the usual 2-3 weeks followup. This means more people get…

  • Home Archeology

    Home Archeology

    Those who have been able to work from home during the Pandemic have realised the gift of more time as they no longer need to commute to and from their place of work. This can easily add up to a couple hours a day. The question is how are these hours filled? Longer work hours?…

  • Basement Archeology: Expo67 Passport

    Basement Archeology: Expo67 Passport

    Finding my Expo67 Passport had me recall the year we moved from Vancouver, leaving when school finished in June 1967. Following a brief layover in Toronto, to visit with my grandparents, we arrived in Montreal on or about July 3, 1967. As I recall that summer now, it seems to me that my brother and…

  • Rapid Tests

    Rapid Tests

    The Ontario Government has been distributing Rapid Test kit to school children and businesses. To supply the remaining population, they are handing out COVID Rapid Test Kits at pop-up centres located in liquor stores, shopping malls and transit hubs. This morning I arrived at a near-by mall about an hour before the 9:00AM opening and…

  • The Big Question

    The Big Question

    How do we deal with the volume of demand from COVID-19 patients on our healthcare systems so that we avoid a total system collapse. The statistics show that about 90% of the people admitted to hospitals in Ontario are unvaccinated. The obvious conclusion we can drawn is that we can reduce pressure on our healthcare…

  • The Pandemic: 2 Years Later

    The Pandemic: 2 Years Later

    We are approaching 2 years. In a post from October 2020, eight months into the pandemic, a time before there was a vaccine, a time when we were still learning about this virus, the death toll for the coming few months was estimated to reach 200,000 in the US. At the time, the US Administration…

  • Cashless Society

    Cashless Society

    In recent weeks I have noticed several articles touching on the increase in alcohol consumption. An emerging trend brought on by the pandemic? In his April 7th, 2020 article, The Pandemic Will Accelerate History Rather Than Reshape It; Not Every Crisis Is a Turning Point, Richard Haass argued against the then prevailing view “that the…

  • Three Days

    Three Days

    It might just be coincidental that the day after Ontario ends its most recent lockdown comes the celebration of the Lunar New Year. Confinement, along with loss of hope, and dread, ending with the old year; the new one starting with emergence, gathering, celebration, and may be hope. Or does today, groundhog day, signal we…

  • 2022 Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition

    2022 Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition

    This series of protests, the first having been held in Ottawa, and now being celebrated in several cities in Canada, arrived in Toronto over the weekend. On Saturday (February 5th), I took the subway down to the Legislature Buildings at Queen’s Park, to witness the event. Toronto apparently learnt from Ottawa’s experience and implemented tighter…

  • Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition #2

    Trucker’s Protests – Toronto Edition #2

    I exited the subway car at Queen’s Park Station and climbed the stairs to the ground level. There I immediately noticed the increased police presence. Finding a seat, I sat down to unpack my camera equipment and mount my lenses. To establish my role, I slung the camera bag and three camera bodies over my…

  • Terrorist Truckers Assault the Hub of Canada’s Democracy at Queen’s Park

    Terrorist Truckers Assault the Hub of Canada’s Democracy at Queen’s Park

    Saturday, February 5th, 2022 – Toronto: Successfully breeching the Toronto Police Force’s “big fence” of police cars and event buses by disguising themselves as women, children, babies in carriages, hipsters, Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists and the infirm, burly, tattooed, yet wily, “truckers” left their vehicles behind and mounted a siege, in the shadow of the…

  • Trucker Protests – Appropriations

    Trucker Protests – Appropriations

    The single protest, beginning just a few weeks ago with cross-country convoys starting on each of the east and west coasts converging on Ottawa, has metastasized across this country to Toronto, Fredericton, Quebec City, and at various border points in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and most importantly the Detroit-Windsor border crossing.  Photographing one in Toronto and…

  • Isolation


    In an earlier post, I assembled a selection of dots connecting an increase in social isolation and certain trends in technology adoption propelled by our tendency to privilege left-brain thinking.  Some have noted this trend towards isolation began with the emergence of the mobile phone, around 2008 or so.  Now after two years of intermittent…

  • Now is the Winter …

    Now is the Winter …

    “Now is the winter of our discontent…” William Shakespeare, Richard III, Act-I, Scene-I, Line 1 This scourge has carried on for two years, through what feels like a never-ending cycle of lockdowns and isolation, through information wars spawned from within and without, leaving us with uncertainty and doubt.  Many are ready to give up.  Nearly…

  • The Newspaper

    The Newspaper

    My first paying job was with the Montreal Gazette; my brother and I worked together as paper boys. We each took a side of the street and delivered the morning paper, usually throwing them from the sidewalk to the door. When we finished our deliveries, we would sit down and read the paper, starting with…

  • Frailty


    “Flight 704 from Chicago to Los Angeles will be cancelled unless there is a passenger who can provide the flight crew with a rubber band” — Urban myth announcement at Chicago O’Hare *** I had not thought too deeply about the term vigilance, but as it has emerged as one of the more popular words during…

  • Uncertainty


    I have come to see uncertainty as a cousin of frailty.  As the pandemic emerged the danger it presented was unclear, whether it was simply on the scale of the flu or something more, it was unclear how it spread, whether by touch or by air, and how we might protect ourselves. This lack of…

  • Balance


    Balance is a state of equality, a system in balance is an optimization of sometimes just two parts, but often among many, gently positioned such that no one element supersedes any of the others. Ideally the elements are positioned so that minor shifts in one can be accommodated and adjusted to by the others.  How…

  • Recrudescence


    It is the recurrence of this undesirable condition; becoming raw again. Two years ago this week we returned from Costa Rica only to enter a two-week lockdown a few days later.  It was widely accepted that if we all stayed home, the spread of the virus would be nipped in the bud … regardless of…

  • Commerce In Action

    Commerce In Action

    Our May Camera Club assignment was to tell a little story in two pictures about “commerce in action”. I decided to play a little word game. The first shot shows commerce being transacted, the second shows the impact of the pandemic.