When winning is too much


The Canadian Women’s Hockey team has received some criticism for their recent victories (12-0 vs. Russia; 16-0 vs. Italy). It’s too much; insensitive to the loosing teams. It leads to the question of what would have been the right sensitive number? What happens when the number is reached: do you just stop the game? And if this applies to hockey, what about other sports? Should Tiger Woods be limited to a 3 stroke victory?

I guess we could take it even further. Why are some people able to accumulate vast personal resources? Why not limit people’s income or total savings. Is Bill Gate’s 46 Billion dollars too much? Should he have been asked to stop at 10 Billion? 5 Billion?

This is an issue of responsibility: the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team’s responsibility is to score points, hopefully enough to win. The responsibility to stop the game is not the team’s.


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