Recovering old Photographs #2


Another picture to recover. In this case I had a rather washed out picture of my great grandmother. I don’t know the date of the photograph, but I estimate around 1900, probably earlier.


The first step was to straighten the photograph. Next I removed spots and other marks.

The next part of the process involved building up layers of copies of the picture. Photoshop has a “Multiply” layer which has the effect of blending layers on top of each other. For those of us acquainted with over head projectors, the approach is like stacking multiple transparencies on top of each other. However, I wanted the figure of my ancestor enhanced, not the background. So, I cut the figure out and copied it on to a new layer. The final result is made up of four layers.

Lastly I cleaned up the bottom of the picture where the photographer’s name and city is.


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