83 Pictures


83 Pictures is a a series of self-prescribed assignments, where each assignment is on a specific topic, concept or thing. The only criteria is that 83 pictures must be taken. I arrived at the idea based on some readings [where I can’t recall, otherwise I would reference it.] The basis of the assignment is that having to take 83 pictures of some subject can turn out to be rather difficult, forcing one to innovate.

The reason for 83 pictures, and not more or less? 83 pictures is what my 2 gigabyte memory card will hold. Turns out to be a helpful aid: my camera tells me how many more pictures I have to take.

I have now completed four such assignments and have discovered that the narrower the subject matter the more pressure one is put under to find alternative shots.

My most recent effort was of our master bathroom. Not one would normally expect to be the subject of an assignment, and thus the challenge. For this assignment I used no flash. I boosted the ISO to introduce a little more grain into the shots.

My favourite shots are below; ten more can be found in my photo gallery.


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