Shutter life


I’m in the process of moving off iPhoto to Aperture. This has brought home the number of photographs I have taken. In the last 17 months I have taken 7,097 which works out to about 417 per month on average. The annualized number is about 5,000. But my pace is increasing.

This begs the question: how long can I expect my camera shutter to last? For example, if I can expect 50,000 shots out of my shutter then I can expect 10 years of service.

Tips from the Top Floor recently answer this question (from some fellow named Bill from Canada). The Camera Shutter Life Expectancy Database is a user-contribution database consolidating information for a number of popular cameras. The key benefit of this database is that it is based on empirical data, submitted by users. However, the down side is completeness of the database.

I think I better start saving for my M8.


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