This Saturday in Golf


Today we were off to Westview. The course has 27 holes split into 3 nines: the Homestead, Middle and Lakeland.

Below is a photograph as seen when walking up to the 4th tee on the Homestead 9.
Golf at Westview Golf Club
The fairway is a dogleg right, which means that in order to get a view of the hole one must hit to the left of the large tree in the middle of the fairway. Thus from the tee the tree looks more like this:
Golf at Westview Golf Club
The winter seems to have been quite harsh, killing a large number of trees. We saw the tombstone-like trunks in several areas of the course.
Golf at Westview Golf Club
The pace of play was good; we only had to wait once, at the 17th hole, and by then the chance to sit down was appreciated.
Golf at Westview Golf Club


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