Leica S2


Announced today in Cologne, at 1:30 EST:[1, 2, 3, 4]

  • 37 mega pixels
  • 30mmx45mm sensor
  • 9 S-system lenses

The British Journal of Photography notes [5]:

The S2, which has a 37.5 million pixel resolution, is the first of many future models that will form part of the S system. The first model sports a 30x45mm CCD sensor, which is 56% bigger than a typical 35mm sensor. The sensor was developed by Kodak, which has been working with Leica since it introduced its first digital rangefinder, the M8, and the Modul-R digital back for the R system.

The S2 will retail at around €20,000 (body-only), and is aimed primarily at fashion and commercial shooters who want medium format quality combined with a DSLR’s speed and versatility.

This will make the price of the M8.2 look more palatable.


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