Konica 135mm f/3.2

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My new lens arrived today. Well, new to me. The lens is second hand, and is at least 20 years old. It seems to be in good working condition; I didn’t see any scratches or fungus.

At 135mm it’s equivalent to 270mm when used on my camera offering a good mid-range zoom. With the aid of a small screwdriver, metal cutters and a file, I was able to convert the lens to fit the 4/3 mount for my Panasonic G1.

Converting lenses has turned out to be a rather pleasant and unexpected benefit of the Panasonic. It offers a combination of satisfying activities: taking things apart, putting things back together, cutting metal and filing rough edges, messing around with mechanical things. But best of all, there is actually a reason and benefit to doing it.

Un-boxing ceremony
There were three variations of the Konica 135mm series: f/2.5; f/3.2 and f/3.5 versions. Considering a combination of factors, and my use of the lens, the f/3.2 version fits my needs quite well.

Some initial shots:
Konica 135mm lens arrives

Konica 135mm lens arrives


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