A Message From Wally


He’ll be returning to La Chine next year for his third round.  Meanwhile, this year’s term is complete. His travelling agenda starts July 1:

  • Depart Beijing to Hanoi. I’ve booked a hotel in Hanoi since we arrive late, they’ll also pick us up at the airport.
  • From Hanoi we’ll visit Ha Long Bay, then we’ll either bus or train south to Hue and Hoi An. 
  • From there we’ll go to HoChiMinh City. We’re planning around 2 weeks in Vietnam but it might run longer since there’s 5 places of interest.
  • From HoChiMinh we’ll take a bus to Cambodia, Phenom Penh. 
  • From there to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat). We shouldn’t be in Cambodia for more than a week.
  • From Siem Reap we’ll fly to Laos, Vientaine. We don’t have this flight booked as most of these airlines don’t run websites. This makes Lauren uneasy, as she doesn’t want to be in a 50 year old Russian propeller plane, but that’s the way SE Asia goes I suppose. hehe
  • Once in Laos, we’ll travel north to Luangprabang. If we still have time we’ll visit the Plain of Jars and somewhere else in northern Laos. 
  • But otherwise we’re planning on taking a bus from Luangprabang to China, Kunming. This is a day long bus hehe
  • We’ll have a couple days in Kunming, which I don’t think is enough unfortunately because I also want to see Dali. Shangrila is also in Yunnan province, but these are just some things I guess I’ll have to miss for now.
  • We have a flight from Kunming to Nanjing, August 3
  • Then we’ll come back here to the school, finish moving our stuff.
  • We’ll go to Shanghai and our flight from there is August 5 Arrive Toronto


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