In 5 years After


Eric Schmidt offered his views at a recent Gartner Symposium. A snippet of the complete interview covering his views of 5 years out is below:

His comments may stir different interests amon each listener. For me they were:

  • Google plans on an innovation level, not revenue
  • He feels most organizations are trapped in a 1980’s architecture and are trying to get out
  • Google tools (and others from the cloud, perhaps) are the means of escape
  • Google isn’t designing the future; they are inventing it as they go along (iterative development)
  • Google seems to recognize [my interpretation] that the enterprise is made up of consumers. By providing products that may appear to be consumer oriented they are find a path into the enterprise. This path enables an incremental approach to building capability and service levels

As always, it’s good to be reminded of some well-known facts: five years is a factor of 10 in Moore’s Law.  So in 5 years my current 10MB internet connection will be 100MB.


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