Photo-Essay Tools

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Until recently, I have used the native capabilities of Lightroom’s Slideshow Tool to create my photo-essays; it allows me to make a “video” of my travel shots. Integration into the rest of my workflow has tied me to that tool for some time.  But the limitation remained frustrating and finally came to a head.

I decided to explore other options and after a few months of trial, I have concluded that I will cut my ties with Lightroom’s tool and move to another (FotoMagico). While it does appear to have its own warts (i.e., bugs) it’s a feature-rich tool surpassing all my current functional needs. It will take time to grow into the tool and explore its capabilities, yet even with my limited understanding I am able to create more advanced slideshows that I could with Lightroom.

As a result, I have begun to revisit some previously created photo-essays and recast them into the new tool.  As well, rather than create downloads, I have started to publish these artifacts to YouTube.  


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