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  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    We flew from Toronto to Riyadh on February 12, 2024 via Frankfurt, returning home on the 26th. While there we stayed with our friends, Olga and Yesid. Published: May 17, 2024 Number of Pages: 63 Cost:…

  • The Arabian Gulf

    The Arabian Gulf

    It goes by different names, sometimes called the Persian Gulf, but in Saudi Arabia, it is the Arabian Gulf. On the other side is Iran (Persia).

  • Al Jubayl

    Al Jubayl

    We stayed a couple of nights on the [Arabian] Gulf in Al Jubayl. This is the home of Aramco, Saudi’s energy company. There we visited the Aramco Museum, which turned out to be more interesting…

  • Judah’s Thumb

    Judah’s Thumb

    On our way to Dammam and Al Judah we stopped at this landmark, Judah’s Thumb. It is also known as the Devil’s Thumb, although my sense is it gets its name from the local village,…

  • Men


    In one sense, seeing a male entrance is a stark reminder of the degree of change we too have experienced in this country. When I was a child, our school had separate entrances for boys…