May 20-21: Greve Denmark


This was the reason for our trip: to see our daughter, Carolyn, in competition held in Greve Denmark. Greve is a small community about 10km outside of Copenhagen.

The competition, the World Championship for Aesthetic Gymnastics included participation from 29 teams from over ten countries including Russia, Estonia, Finland, and Bulgaria. Canada was the only team representing the America’s.

The competition was spread over two days. The prelimiary round on the first day saw all teams in competition. However only the top 10 teams would “make the cut” and compete in the second day’s event. The Canadian Team finished in 7th place on the first day, and 8th on the last day. Progress over previous years.

It’s always difficult to capture the sense and difficulty of the routines. Aesthetic gymnastics is by definition a contradiction of wrapping difficult maneuvers in an artistic package. Acute balance, flexibility and posture are combined into what appears to be a visually simple and symmetric pose.


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