Travel: Stratford


This weekend my wife and I drove down to Stratford. We were given, as a wedding anniversary gift, a Saturday-night stay at a local hotel and a round of golf on Sunday at the Stratford Country Club. We drove down early on Saturday in time for a 4:00 tee time.

The club was first chartered in 1913 as a 9-hole course, expanded to 18 in 1970. Well-treed, the course is both visually appealing and a challenge.

We had two great rounds, although our round on Sunday was cut short by weather. The rain was tolerable, but the thunder and lightening ended the game (we stopped at the 17th hole). My wife showed remarkable stamina in “weathering the storm.”

Saturday we were paired with two older women, Margaret and Janice. Margaret is 83 and Janice is probably in her 60’s. They play 9 holes every day. They were a great pairing for us, as they knew the course, and were very friendly. Being paired with other people is one of the unexpected benefits of the game; something you don’t consider when you start the game, but just happens as you go through with it.

On our way home we stopped off at the Old Heidelberg Hotel in Heidelberg (Ontario) for some ribs and pig tails. When we lived in Waterloo a fairly regular event was going to the “Heidelberg” for lunch. It hasn’t change much in the last 20+ years. Decorated in a “traditional Canadiana” style, with liberal use of stained and varnished plywood, the ambiance is what might be expected from a tavern; basic but not too obnoxious. The food is good and comes in good-sized portions. Satisfying in both nourishment and nostalgia.


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