A Day in the Life: A New Washing Machine

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New Washing Machine Washing machines, like so many other things, have got a lot more features than they use to. Meeting the expectation that they wash clothes is table stakes.

The description reads:

Spacious washer featuring Sensor Smart™ electronic controls, Smart Dispensers (or “Ecomax detergent performance system” for dispatching the various cleaning agents), Auto Water Level (adjusting the amount of water to the size of the load), Catalyst™ cleaning action with Direct Inject (which is a means to dispense the cleaning agent at the appropriate time in the appropriate amount), Suspension System (to reduce washer “walk”–the machine has 2 springs and 4 shock absorbers), Stainless Steel Drum, Adaptive Variable Speed Motor (adjusts motor speed to optimize cleaning, rinsing and spinning), 5 Spin Speeds, Automatic Temperature Control (to adjust water temperature appropriately), Add-a-Garment feature, dynamic Balance (enabling washer to spin at rates up to 1050 RPMs), control lockout function and a pedestal (to raise the machine so you don’t have to bend over).

On a practical note, it does take larger loads as there is no agitator, it is more gentle with clothes than the top-loading models, and it consumes significantly less energy (176 kwh/year vs. >900 kwh/year for the top-loader). This is another step toward my personal “one-tonne challenge” as I have indicated elsewhere.

Needless to say that this German-made appliance is more than “just” a washing machine. This is a complete CRS (Clothing Revitalization System). The machine incorporates multiple sub computers as device controllers linked together on a fiber optic network managed through an operating control system call iWash™. I elected not to get the option RFI id reader–enabling the washer to “read” the contents of the load and then set itself up automatically–as clothing today is not fitted with the RFI tags. May be in 10 years. The control panel does have lots of buttons. The number of button equipment has is a key inflection point in the decision-making process. Satisfaction being proportional to the number of buttons.

I’m sure now, with this equipement, my daughter will enthusiastically carry out her household duties (which include laundry)!


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