New Gizmos


A new gizmo. Combine it with practicality and you’ve got a combination that just can’t be beat. For various reasons that I won’t go into, my dear wife bought me a new BrAun toothbrush. But this is not just any toothbrush, it is a Sonic toothbrush. The material provided states:

The first sonic toothbrush from Oral-B is specifically designed to offer you complete mouth care. Oral-B Sonic Complete removes plaque to help prevent tooth decay, promotes firmer, healthier gums, and removes harmful, odor-causing bacteria ….

A marvel of engineering, it has three modes of operation: Clean, soft and massage. Who could have thought that the simple toothbrush could evolve into such a machine. My initial use has demonstrated very positive results. But the sound of this high performance teeth hygiene management system is remarkable! A complete history can be found on the Oral-B Web site.


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