Technology Gremlins


I recently noticed a reduced battery life for my RIM. While usually lasting well over a week between charges, the period seemed to be reduced, now to less than week. I thought nothing of it, attributing it to an aging process that rechargable batteries seem to go through.

Yesterday, I received a telephone call on my RIM. This was fine, except that the cell phone function was suppose to have been disabled. It has magically enabled itself. Ok, this would explain the added power consumption.

My reaction was a combination of elation and despair. Elation was driven by a new gizmo. Gizmo’s are very near and dear to my heart and acquiring new ones is always an electrifying event. However, the despair comes with the realization of actual use. I have survived for many years without a cell phone and feel quite independent as a result.

I see too many cell phone junkies, people permanently connected with an ear piece and continually talking, checking in, reporting, or just blathering away in the most odd locations. This is a topic on which I have commented before and I don’t want to become … just a second a call is coming in…


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