Pictures (1988, 1989, 1996)


[Updated: February 13th, 2006]

I continue my efforts in digitizing my video collection; one I started last month. This weekend I went through tapes from 1988, 1989 and 1996. The first step in processing the video is to load it onto my machine. The tapes I worked with this weekend are analog and therefore they must be converted to digital. This is not a difficult chore, as my digital Camcoder is able to read the tapes and output them in a digital format which my software can then process. However, the quality is less than perfect and while the images may be blurred, as are my memories, they are sufficient to prompt a recollection of the sense and feeling.

Once loaded, I scan the tapes and select images that I save as single frames. My next step will be to select representative clips from the video. Following that I will organize them according to some theme, such as vacations or an events, such as Christmas. It may turn out that a clip will appear in more than one “theme.” I have not yet decided on the themes, I will see what the stills and clips offer. The full set of stills cut this weekend are in my photo album (1988, 1989, 1996 vacation), but I present some of my favourites below.


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