The endless day


The overhead is projecting screens of the application. The text is in some small font making it unreadable even on a 15 foot display. The moderator drones on about the purpose of each field and each option for each field. The screen has 10 fields. After about 5 minutes the first field is completed. Another period of time passes until the second field is filed in. The words drift through the dim, warm and stuffy demonstration room like seagulls gliding across a warm and windless Caribbean sea. The doldrums. The words merge into a stream. ftp, http, reusable, gateway, integrator, process, validate, validate validate, compress, protocol, ssl, pgp, BAM. I hear the sounds and the melody they create. The third field is filled in. What luck, the moderator indicates that only four fields need to be completed. The end is near! The anticipation of a change of subject builds. May be we’ll get to something interesting and more relevant. The details of presenting the evidence can be long and tedious. Why won’t they just let me read the book. But alas the people who created this stuff are proud of it and enjoy presenting it and talking about it in the most fine detail. I understand that. I like talking about my stuff too. And as is often the case with technical people, they believe in full disclosure of even the most arcane pieces of information. This just takes more time. I’m willing to believe them, if only they would stop. The moderator then clicks the submit button the screen clears. We’re done. No; another screen appears with even more fields and we start again. Will it never end.


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