Canadian Open


Tomorrow, Linda and I will travel down the road to Hamilton to attend the Canadian Open.

So I have begun to prepare:

  1. I’ve set up the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to record the game on TV.
    In this way we can leave a little earlier to avoid the exit rush. Last time we attended the Open we stayed to the very end. It took over an hour just to get onto the the bus to take us to the parking area.
  2. I’ve reviewed the maps to make sure I know where we are going.
Our travel plans and route map
  1. I’ve reviewed the tickets to make sure we have everything (actually I did make sure I had everything when I first received the tickets, but this was just a recheck)
  2. I’ve reviewed the informative enclosures, notably the one that enumerates all the things you can’t take.
The list is quite extensive


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