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Since I last reviewed my site statistics in July, 2006 there has been a marked shift in the source of visitors. In July, 36% were from Canada and 21% were from the US. Now, Canada and the US are neck-and-neck at about 31%. Germany, as a source of visitors, remains firmly entrenched in third place. Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore and Greece have fallen back into the miscellaneous country category, and Italy, Japan and India have emerged.

From a technology perspective, about 88% of the visitors use a windows-based machine. Interestingly, Vista has started to show. About 10% use Macintosh machines. The remainder are on some flavour of Unix.

Browsers are split at about 64% Microsoft IE, 25% FireFox, 6% Mozilla. I’m surprised to see how many people are using FireFox and that almost 2% continue to use Netscape. Only 3% of the visitors use Safari.

The map below shows the distribution of the most recent 500 hundred visitors to this site. Not surprisingly most are from North America, followed by Europe. I see someone treading water in the mid Pacific (or is that Hawaii). As well, it looks like Dr. Mobuntu from Nigeria has visited my site.

To the question of how do people arrive at my site, 20% come as a result of a search. Most are from Google; about 0.1% are from Yahoo; and then there are searches from Earth-Link, AOL, mywebsearch, blog search and others.

What is interesting is the search terms used.
The terms fall into the following categories:

  • my name, in various forms, is marginally in the lead (15.5%)
  • Stremnaya, as in the Bolivian highway, is close behind (15.2%)
  • Recipes come in third, with Sultze and Scheinbratten the most popular (11.7%)
  • Golf (7.7%)
  • HDTV, generally looking for Sony and Panasonic (5.5%)
  • Leica, usually looking for the D-Lux3 (4.8%)
  • Genealogy & Genographics (4.6%)
  • Furnace, generally looking for Carrier products (2.3%)
  • Gymnastics, which would more likely relate to my daughter’s activities (1.7%)

Other is a big category at 31%. In that group are a number of searches related to my children, FC Hertha, Cuba and travel in general, Social Bookmarking, History, and Science.


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