August 18th our son starts his new job teaching English in China, at the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou.

Yangzhou is located in central east China near Shanghai.

William will live on campus, where he will have room & board, internet access and an office. Medical services are available. It seems a reasonable compromise between adventure and security.

I recall when I left home, the excitement of going out on my own, a new job, a new location. Moving from the English enclave of Montreal nestled in a sea of Francaise to Waterloo, the hauptstadt of “eh”.

Montreal, arguably the cultural capital of Canada at the time and a truly cosmopolitan city, to the boondocks of south west Ontario. When I was offered the job I had no idea where Waterloo was.

It was both a cultural and geographic migration.

Transitions are what we make of them and while I expect his will be no more severe than mine I’m sure it will be just as exciting.


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