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  • Awards


    I commented some months ago on receiving awards with obscure titles (and thus meaning). I recently received one from Google: As a pre-eminent technology company, I’m sure such awards are granted only sparingly. I think…

  • Christmas Card

    Christmas Card

    I’ve created my Christmas cards for 2023, and started printing them. I’ll need to send those destined overseas in the next few days.

  • Christmas Trees

    Christmas Trees

    Sitting in the dentist’s chair the other day, through the chatter, grinds and squeals of the various devices being employed, I could hear Bing Crosby singing Jingle Bells. Maybe with the Andrews Sisters. Leaving the…

  • Christmas Lights

    Christmas Lights

    I turned on the outdoor Christmas lights for the first time last night. It’s early this year, but I’m not the first on the block to do so. I think the point is to bring…

  • The Big Smoke

    The Big Smoke

    In recent weeks the smoke from forest fires in Northern Ontario and Quebec have drifted south, covering much of Southern Ontario and the Eastern United States. Among its various nicknames, Toronto has been called the…